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At Gill Tax Group, PC, we hold ourselves to a high standard of honesty, integrity, and service that our clients truly appreciate. We value our clients and work hard to deliver the combination of accounting solutions and tax services each one needs to manage their finances efficiently.

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2020 was our first year hiring someone to do our taxes and what a great decision that proved to be! Working with Divya was such a pleasant experience and we will never go back to using Turbo Tax again. She came highly recommended from one of my best friends who was also working as an independent contractor. When I became a 1099, my taxes became a little more tricky and I wasn't sure how to make the most of my write offs. Using her expertise, she was able to help us get a sizable return this year. I highly recommend her!

Ashley A.

Divya is amazing!!! She took my call directly and it wasnt a recording when I called her. She is honest and easy to get a hold of. I am happy to have met her for my accounting services!!!! Thanks!!!!

Travis C.

Divya is amazing! She's does my personal taxes as well as resolving tax issues for my clients (I'm an attorney). She has always done a very good and thorough job and my clients have all agreed. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has tax issues or just regular ol' income tax returns.

Ben H.

I needed a new CPA and after extensive research chose Divya. Was so glad I did. She manages to combine excellence in her tax service with empathy and kindness - not a common combination in financial folks! We had a few bumps in the road after I discovered that my previous CPA had neglected to file certain information in past years, but she was great at both reassuring me and stopping my panic over it . And even managed to find some money owed in those years. If you are looking for a fast, efficient person for your tax returns I can highly recommend her. I trust her completely.

Tina H.

I messaged this business for help to file my taxes. I received a response almost immediately; and she was helpful to leave me resources that can help me in filing taxes. I'm thankful for the speedy reply and her honesty in helping me out! Thank you

Dorothy H.

I contacted Divya last minute needing to get my taxes done. She immediately responded and prioritized my work. She made everything so simple to upload all the documents to her portal and completed the work extremely efficiently. She did a great job and I would use her again. Thanks, Divya

Melissa R.

Let me just say that Divya has been phenomenal in every way possible! She's super talented, knows what she's doing and very approachable. She's always there for you when you have a question etc. just the kind of Accountant that we needed to help with both of our businesses. Would highly recommend Divya!

Syed A.

I can breathe again!!! I'm so glad I found Divya! She really helped me get things in order after my previous tax person messed things up. We worked on business and personal tax returns and we're planning on looking at previous years as well. Divya is professional, patient, and her communication was excellent! I'm so happy!

Vanessa L.

I write this to thank Ms. Divya Gill. And I see a duty to the public to write my opinion about her professional work. She is a very knowledgeable CPA & also has an MBA degree (Masters in Business Administration). She knows all the updated and engraved tax laws & understands the importance of tax guidance in financial decisions a self-employed business owner has to make. She will treat you with full attention & respect. She is responsible, professional, knowledgeable; honest and intelligent. She knows all the updated rules and regulations so you can fully depend on her. Ms. Divya is highly recommended. She is one you can rely on, trust, work with and know you will then fully abide with the federal & state tax laws and receive best type of accounting. I want to thank Ms. Divya Gill, CPA. MBA. She fully deserves this recommendation.

Online R.

Where do I even begin. I found this gem of a gal who helped me from the moment I called. I had trouble with my previous tax person and she came to the rescue. She's professional, kind, thorough, efficient and always keeps you in the loop of things. Most of all, knowledgeable and gets the job done without breaking the bank or over charging. I am incredibly grateful to know I have a CPA I can trust and have peace of mind knowing she has my best interests in mind.

Edith E.

Divya went above and beyond to help me with my personal and business taxes. I'm happy I found someone in Orange County that is professional and yet so nice. Not to mention her pricing was better than most! The best part is if I ever have questions about my business or write-offs, I can text/email and she responds right away! I'm extremely grateful I found her.

Tanya C.

Great experience with Divya Gill, CPA. Her knowledge and commitment to my financial wellness is unmatched. She takes time to go through all aspects of my taxes and financial planning to help me make appropriate decisions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to upgrade their accounting, tax, and financial services.

Martha H.

After going through several CPAs for myself and my business, I finally settled down with Divya since last few years. She did not rush me at all while going over my history and patiently answered all my questions. She considered so many things that others had missed which ultimately saved me so much money. I highly recommend Divya for all your personal and business needs for being very knowledgeable and patient. Needless to say, her staff is amazing too!!

Leena V.

Exhausted and frustrated -with an enormous IRS AND FTB nightmare, Divya got in there and reduced my stress level BIG time! Morally, and ethically-attacking what I thought was untouchable by anyone. She broke down the issues, and made me understand. There is nothing like the weight of the IRS on your back. Divya was relatable and extremely professional. I was blown away at what she accomplished with what many would turn away! For that- I am extremely appreciative , and I would HIGHLY recommend her for any tax drama or filing. Not only did she handle it, like I said, but really took her time to help me in moving forward. This woman is a CPA/Tax dream and genius as far as I'm concerned!

Jenny B.

Divya is a life saver!!! I have never hired anyone to do my taxes so I was completely clueless about the whole process, and she made everything so easy for me! She asked me very thorough questions, got all of my information, and within a week she got back to me with my taxes completely FINISHED. I thought I was going to owe money, but she did such a great job I actually got a good chunk of money back! Highly recommend!!!!

Kaylee K.

I filed my 2018 taxes with Divya due to my previous CPA passed away over the holiday in 2018. Divya was very flexible (met me on a Saturday), detailed, professional, and just was a pleasure to do business with. I would definitely recommend Divya and she will be preparing my 2019 taxes as well.

Chris L.